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Perth doctor home visits and telehealth
  • 12 mins consultations only

  • Free during COVID out break

  • Brief online consultations for minor illnesses

  • Available any day, any time and anywhere

  • Medicare Rebates available for specialist services for RACFs

  • Fee for service for GP services

  • What type of billing will I receive?

  • ​You have to pay the consultation fee upfront. You can use credit card,Paypal or funds transfer

  • How long will it take to get an appointment?

  • You will get the appointment time during the day of request. We will ring you with the time of appointment and skype link.​

  • ​How long is the duration of appointment?

  • Standard appointment time is 12 mins, but if you need more time to talk to your GP, we can organize extended appointment with a pro rata basis.

  • Can I get reimbursement from my insurer?

  • Generally insurance would not cover telehealth but worth asking from your insurer

  • Is there Medicare rebate available?

  • Free during COVID out break but Unfortunately no Medicare rebates for Telehealth GP services normally. Specialist services are Medicare rebatable.

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